Estate Sale Productions

are hurriedly prepared, priced far too low (many items are priced at a quarter!!!), and barely promoted, giving shoppers little reason to attend.

Don't let yours be one of them.

Most estate sales in our area . . .

Believe it or not, getting rid of the stuff is the easy part.

But turning your estate, in its entirety, into real money that you and your family can use to make a difference in your lives is a much more difficult feat.

Pretty much any company can do that.  

We're Splash Estate Sale Productions.


We don't do quickies.

We produce exceptional estate sales that make money for estate owners.

And we don't do quarters.


takes a Splash.

That requires a special kind of company, one with a proven record of producing sales that generate excitement, attendance, and, most of all, spending.

(And we don't mean quarters.)

Lots of companies offer lots of options. But we know that "solutions" like picking off choice items for auctions, appraising pieces for some otherworld purchase, offering a lowball buyout (only to turn around and sell your stuff for more) won't get you what you need.

Let Splash make you and your sale our top priority.

Only a thoroughly prepared and stunningly promoted estate sale will glean the dollars your possessions are worth.

Merchandise is priced far lower than retail, and every sale is a one-of-a-kind discovery mission; you'll always see items you can't find elsewhere. You also support neighbors who need sale proceeds for important expenses by stopping by and telling others in the community about the sale.

Retail is sooo five years ago. Can we really afford anymore to pay top dollar for each item?

Can our planet afford for us to continue using its resources to make replicas of products that already exist and that were probably more well made than today's products anyway?

(Try finding these guys at Walmart.)

As long as we're talking about shopping. . .

Of course not. And anyway, estate sale shopping is exhilarating.

Call or text 727-201-2143 for a free estate consultation!  

A few photos from our past sale ads

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